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Welcome to the

Ryan Holland Photography Experience

Your guide to gorgeous photos

on your wedding day!

Hi! I'm Emily!

I am so excited to begin this journey with you! Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your entire life, and I am so honored you've chosen me to document it for you. I want you to be fully present at your wedding, trusting your vendor team to pull of the day of your dreams. And above all, I want you to be able to live through these moments again and again for a lifetime.

Here you will find information on what to expect while working together so it's all at your fingertips. I am also going to walk you through the wedding day with various tips, trick, and inspiration to help you in your planning of those oh-so-perfect moments!

Let's do this!


What to Expect: Communication

Email is my preferred method of communication. It's the best way for me to stay organized while communicating with multiple couples at similar stages in their wedding planning. You can expect a response within 2 business days. Please note: the day before and day of a wedding (sometimes those are on weekdays), I am generally giving my full attention to that couple. I will respond within 1-2 business days of that wedding.

If you have an urgent matter, or need to reach me on your wedding day/day of your engagement session, you can call or text me at 614-887-7742. Please include your name if you text so I know who it is : ) I have four beautiful (LOUD) children, so it is not always easy for me to answer the phone.


What to Expect: Timeline

Congratulations! You booked your photographer! What's next?

Couples Questionnaire goes out so we can get to know you better!

Engagement session - takes place anytime before the wedding day. Most couples will do this at least 6 months before their wedding so they can send save-the-dates. Some couples will do more than one engagement session for multiple seasons or vibes.

Engagement photos are delivered within 2-3 weeks of the engagement session. Save-the-dates and books will be designed and sent for review within a week of image delivery and you will have 2 weeks to review and make changes before going to print!


60 days after booking, additional payment is due. You will be invoiced through email.

60 days before your wedding, a couple things will happen:

  • Vendor Questionnaire goes out so we can make contact with our partner vendors for the day​

  • We request an updated schedule & must-have family photo list

30 days before your wedding, we schedule a final call in the coming weeks to walk through all the details!

2 weeks before the wedding, final payment is due. Invoice comes through email.

Wedding day - BEST DAY EVER!! 

Within 8 weeks of the wedding, your digital collection is delivered. This online gallery is linked to my pro lab so you and your family may purchase quality physical prints with ease.

2 weeks after the gallery is delivered, you will received your album & thank you card designs so you can begin your 2 week review period before we place the order.

Within a month of that, your album is ready & cards are delivered! 

Please note: This is only a general guide. Illness, supply chain issues, and other factors may cause variations. I am always happy to give a status update and a more personalized timeline at any point.


Getting Ready

This is such a fun part of the day! Here are some tips so we can spend more time photographing and less time searching for items/cleaning up the room!

  • Keep the room clutter free (bags in one corner, extra items put away)

  • Place all of your important items to be photographed in one place (earrings, special handkerchief, grandma's ring, etc)

  • Remove all tags in advance

  • Have your mom/sister/friend practice fastening your dress or placing your veil in advance

  • Make sure flowers arrive EARLY so guys can pin boutonnières


First Look with Bridesmaids or Parent

We can help find just the right spot for your special moment, and stage everyone for you. Generally we either have the bridesmaids join you or have them positioned first and have you walk in.

That first moment with Dad or Mom can be very emotional, if they had not helped you get ready. Typically moms or mom-figures do help brides get ready. 

This typically happens after seeing your bridesmaids. Think in advance if you would like any family to be a part of it. Let us know if you plan on either of these.


Couples First Look

We can help you coordinate this special moment. Here are some benefits to a first look:

  • Spending more of your wedding day together Reducing nerves before the ceremony if you are feeling highly anxious

  • More time for couples/bridal party photos before the ceremony, meaning less photos after the ceremony

  • Spend as much time together in that moment as you'd like, with no rush

  • Some couples read vows, exchange gifts, or trade letters during this time

Let us know your plans so we can prepare!



We want to make sure we capture all of your most important moments!

Please let us know if there are any special cultural or meaningful customs taking place during your ceremony that we may not expect. We would love to learn more about your culture as well as ensure we arepositioned perfectly for that special moment.

Releasing by row and receiving lines can add significant time. PRO TIP: Consider visiting the tables during dinner or early in the reception instead.

Formal Family Photos

We get that this is a big deal for everyone to be together, and we want to help you document that! This can also be the least enjoyable part of the day to stand there and smile in a pose, so we like to make it efficient. We will discuss in advance what family formal combinations are most important to you.

  • Determine which combinations can be combined into one to avoid a lengthy list.

  • Consider which portraits may actually end up framed on the wall in someone's home

  • PRO TIP: Get input from key family members (usually mom) about which family members they want included to avoid wedding day surprises!



We have a saying: Surprise your guests, NOT your photographer! 


Please be sure to let us know about any special events, special guests, surprise dance moves, and any other moment we may need to be positioned in the right place to capture the perfect shot!


If time allows, we always love to step outside for some sunset or night photos. It gives you a chance to step away from your guests and spent a quiet moment together to remember why you are there! Let us help you in advance plan just the right time based on sunset.


Formal Exit

You should have someone (or multiple people) assigned to coordinate your formal exit. It takes so much longer than you think to coordinate guests (maybe guests that have been drinking) to the right spot with the right props! Sparkler exits should have many lighters and people assigned to light them. Choose the slow burn (3 minute) ones if possible. Have buckets with sand or water for afterward.

The exit process should begin about 15 minutes before the end of your venue time to ensure everyone is out on time. 

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